Saturday, November 22, 2008

How To Make Your Children More Responsible

Children Responsibility

Most often parents worried about how to improve their children responsibility. Normally, Children are not so responsible even at teen age. Many Parents not taking this issue seriously despite that they are responsible for this behavior of children. Parents need to improve their attitude or approach to overcome this problem towards their children. Even before sending the kids to preliminary school, Parents start dream that their children when grow up should become star and shine in their life. Nothing wrong in dreaming but there should be a limit.

Children and Society

Society plays vital role for every growing children. Parents generally do not expect any responsibility from children up to certain age say 8 or 10. Even after, many parents do the following mistakes when the children need to know the society and responsibility.

When the children come forward to help the parents in household work, they use the word we will do all these works, your job only study. To pay school fees etc money not given to them saying that you will lost money somewhere or you will forget to pay the fees. Even to purchase materials or note books they do not permit their children to self help themselves.

Similarly for many of the small activities of children, Parents do not give enough chance or responsibility and finally crying that children are not responsible. Their whole focus is on study aspect only.

Make Children Responsible

Only when parents started to give some responsibility to the children, they will learn and and do it gradually. Parents need to inform to their friends, relatives and colleagues when children takes new responsibility. By doing so, children greatly encouraged and ready to take more responsibility. This is the only way to infuse responsibility element into the children. Nothing wrong to discuss with them when parents needs to take some decision say buy a car, planning to built a house etc

Initially, start with small jobs say purchasing note book, polishing their shoes etc. Occasionally, ask them to do the jobs like cleaning the table, washing the plates so that to infuse the element of "Dignity of Labour". Such a works also most needed physical exercise for them.

Once parents started doing above guidelines, children slowly shouldering more responsibilities. Don't forget good parents enthuse, encourage and empower their children.

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